Previous Bag of the Month Club Patterns

January - April 2020

January - April 2020 Patterns

January - The Goldfinch by Lockwood & Webb
February - The Layla by Andrie Designs
March - The Inner Circle Bag by Spencer Ogg
April - The George Carry-all by UhOh Creations

September - November 2019

September - November 2019 Patterns


September - The Flora Wristlet by Emmaline Bags

October- The Shoreline Shoulder Bag by Dog Under My Desk

November- The Side Hustle by Sewing Patterns by Mrs H

January - March 2019

January - March 2019 Patterns


January - The Ring Sling by Sewing Patterns by Mrs H   

February - The Out & About by         

March - The Glacier Bags by Emmaline Bags


January - June 2018

January - June '18 Patterns  January - The Podium by Chris W Designs                         

  February - The Ravenwood by Betz White

  March - The Stargazer by Blue Calla

  April - The Celine Zip Top Tote by Swoon Patterns               

  May - The Holey Mayole by Sewing Patterns by Mrs H

  June - The Road Trip Wallet by Emmaline Bags

January - June 2017

Patterns from BOMC January - June 2017  January - Clover Convertible Backpack by Blue Calla Patterns                               

  February - The Sublime Bag by Sew Sweetness

  March - The Captivating Clutch by Sewing Patterns by Mrs H

  April - The Moxie Crossbody Bag by Betz White Designs                       

  May - Louise Barrel Bag by Swoon Patterns

  June - The Factotum by Chris W Designs and The Minifacto by Chris W Designs



January - June 2016

Patterns from BOMC 2016



Patterns from BOMC 2015



Patterns from BOMC 2014