Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for your new patterns? Check the 'My Downloadable Products' page in your account by clicking on the head and shoulders on the top right of the site. 

1. Can I make something from one of the Bag of the Month club patterns to sell at a craft fair or in my Etsy shop?

Absolutely! You have permission (and are legally allowed) to make and sell on a home level, any of the bags from the patterns in the club.

2. Can I purchase a club membership as a Christmas or birthday gift?

Yes you can! Many friends or family members have purchased memberships for loved ones in the past and they make great gifts! Just choose the Gift Subscription listing!

3. I lost my pattern, what can I do?

Simply log into your account at the top right of the website. You'll find your patterns in the 'My Downloadable Products' section of your account.

4. My pattern is not printing correctly/missing pieces or pages/etc.? What am I doing wrong?

First off, please download the pattern to your computer and open using Adobe Reader. Often, when pdf patterns are opened in your browser or preview mode, it can do funny things to a pattern where pages or pattern pieces appear to be missing, things print at the incorrect size, etc.

5. My pattern pieces are not printing at the correct size. What can I do?

Most pdf patterns have a small square that you can measure after printing, to make sure that the pattern pieces printed at the correct size. If your pieces are not printing at the size that they need to be, this is a big deal! Most bags go together with very specifically-sized pattern pieces. Make sure that you opened the pattern using the full, free Adobe Reader and that your printer is set to print at 'actual size' or 'scaling none' (this will depend on your particular printer).

6. I'm missing one of the patterns, how can I find it?

Just log into your account on the website, you can do this by clicking on the top right head and shoulders icon on the website next to the bag icon. This will take you to 'My Account'. Just follow the link to 'My Downloadable Products' and you'll find your patterns there, ready and waiting for you.

7. How long is the club open for?

From 2019 the clubs run from January through March, and September through November. You can buy early bird subscriptions two weeks before the next club begins, and each club's sales will end on the last day of the club.

8. I missed signing up for the club, where can I find the patterns?

Each pattern is available for individual sale at regular price at each respective pattern designers' website 3 months after it's club release.

9. Where are the hardware requirements?

Please see the Hardware page for the requirements for the upcoming patterns. Remember the patterns are a secret, but the hardware is not!