2020 August - October BOMC Designers

August - October Bag of the month club is now closed, check back on 15th December for the next early bird discount!

Samantha from Sewing Patterns by Mrs H

August - Samantha Hussey from Sewing Patterns by Mrs H. is a pattern designer living in Wales, with a group of patterns which make using hardware easy. Samantha loves hardware!

She's just released her first book, The Complete Bag Making Masterclass, a wealth of bag making reference with fun projects too!

Janelle from Emmaline Bags September - Janelle MacKay from Emmaline Bags Sewing Patterns and Hardware has developed her own line of wallet and bag making sewing patterns, as well as exclusive bag making hardware, which are all available in her online shop

She operates from Alberta, Canada, and enjoys travel and teaching. As a Craftsy instructor and sewing book author, Janelle is happy to encourage others to find their creative self by working through projects that challenge and inspire.

Namrata from Bagstock Designs October - Hello Everyone!!

Namrata here from Bagstock Designs. I live in Pune, India with my almost 8- year-old amazing son and a wonderful husband who is not just supportive but extremely encouraging and takes pride in what I do.
After the birth of my son, family care was the top priority in my life. And though everything looked great and was as great as it looked, but somewhere in my mind, I always had a feeling that something was missing. It was during those times that one fine day, I encountered quilting. I bought a considerably basic Singer sewing machine and made a few quilts. It was only while quilting, I also explored bag making and since then I am hooked on to sewing bags.

In the beginning, I used to sell custom bags. My journey of pattern designing started in August 2016 with the launch of my first pattern "Everyday Tote".
I am delighted to be included as a BOMC designer. I cannot wait to share my new design with you.
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